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VI. glataður á Íslandi

Sumar götur eru sumargötur

So, we got the first available ferry out of Vestmannaeyjar back to mainland! Immediately started trying to head to Þórsmörk. But on our way there, our car, BROKE DOWN! What the crap right! So we were stuck in the middle of nowhere! We drove it at 10km/h, till we got to a farm and managed to get some help from a farmer, holy! What we did to the car was insane, which I shall not say here, lucas is just pretty insane haha!

While we could roll the car, we started heading out to the mainroad to seek assistance, and on our way, we picked up 2 polish girls who were hitchhiking, haha they had some pretty sick stories as well! Could you imagine, 7 people in a car, and a trunk full of luggage, when the car could barely function? Yeah, we did it. Haha!

Managed to reach somewhere near Selfoss at a gas station and we rotted there for prolly 5 hours, and tried getting help. It took so LONGGG! I had to be at Þingvellir by 5, for SILFRA! BY 3, I was panicking as i knew i couldnt make it there on time! Then, Gnusi called his dad to come and send us there, aww so nice of them right? When he came, around 4, the replacement car came before him. So I felt really bad, chatted with him for awhile before we sped off in the rain to Þingvelir!

My gosh, my heart was beating so fast, worried that i might not make it in time, started to change in the car and guess what? WE MADE IT! WOOHOO!
Oh my, the pre-procedure to prep for the snorkel was so intense, we have to put on so many layers for 2˚C water, holy moly, it was really cold! Just right before we went into the water, it HAILED. Yes, it hailed.
Finally got into the water, by the way, Silfra is a valley that is between the north american and european plate with glacier water. Snorkelling halfway, my lips went numb and i ended up drinking water while breathing, but the water tasted so good, so no complaints! The view there was so amazing! Sadly i dont have much photos, as we had to wear this really thick gloves which disabled me from taking photos ): Took some though, from the phone, but its really bad, but still!
Got out of the water, and immediately had a brain freeze! And man, this lasted for pretty long! Haha, better than drinking slurpee ;)

Oh yeah, by the way, while i was doing silfra, guess what? Luke and Ray were crazy enough, to jump into it by themselves, just in their trunks, Insane buggers! Well at least they didny have to pay haha!

That night after all of this, we headed back to Reykjavik and then decided to head out in seach for hot springs! So, we were driving out of Reykjavik at midnight, in the rain, with visibility of almost only a metre. Pretty insane stuff i would say! And we got to Hveragerði finally! We did explore abit of the town in the dead of the night, and could see all the geothermal activity, oh my gosh! So amazing!

Got up the next day and started hiking towards our destination! The Geothermal hot springs! Weather wasn’t that good for our hike, it was raining pretty much the whole way for our way there, so it was pretty muddy and all, but when we finally arrived. ZOMGD:
Best feeling ever! To be in a hot spring, while it was drizzling, oh man, felt so good! But guess what, while hiking, I ripped my second pair of jeans -.-
Yeah, sadly, we had to leave as well as I had a flight to catch back to reality :’(
Guess what, when I was all cleaned with natural geothermal water, while I was hiking back, my whole foot sank into mud. -.- ABOVE THE ANKLE.

By the time I got to the airport, I was smelly, muddy and yes, BAREFOOTED. Haha the stares I got from people were just hilarious! Well, it felt like I survived one hell of an adventure, really gonna miss you Iceland, till the next time.

Bless Bless.

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