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Sumar götur eru sumargötur

eina með öllu

Got off the plane at Keflavik, and just breathing in Icelandic air, its AMAZING! Took a bus to smokey bay, where I met Snorri! He looked so different from the photos, I could barely recognized him without his beard ha! The first place we went was the perlan! Crazy view of the city!
The moment I set foot here, Iceland has already taken my breath away. And that night, the sunset from his apartment just amazed me.

The next day, headed down town to Laugavegur, but the weather wasn’t in my favor, so, walking in typical Icelandic weather, raining the moment I stepped out till I got home. So basically I was drenched the whole day! Went to Mai Thai and the store lady was so friendly, that I even just stopped there to have a chat with her! Didn’t do much due to the weather, but did grocery shopping, to cook Bak Kut Teh for Snorri! That night, I met a god – Odin. HAHA, neh, his Snorri’s nephew! What a name right? And we saw an amazing sunset from his apartment again! Some of the pictures i took today.

Really interesting seeing this! ha, GOT.


And then i decided to get the legendary Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur!
Well, this sausage definitely is..

It was so good! I just can't describe the taste to you, you have to try it on your own! But this cute little bugger i met was so much more amazing!
Its so fluffy!!!

Snorri is just so amazing, the stories he tells, just never ceases to amuse and cracks me up everytime, without fail! He is just this guy with so many stories and experiences that I feel I aint living my life to the fullest. I came with an empty glass, but meeting him (the encyclopedia of Iceland), my cup is now overflowing constantly! Im learning something new every moment im with him! He even cooked me an Icelandic dish, check it out!
And yeah, he IS a busy man! Finally, this is what you get!

And this time, i remembered to take a photo before we got started ;)

This time, with better weather, I managed to explore Reykjavik properly! My favorite store is this photography store, where this guy shoots with film and he sells all his photos. They are just so stunning, it speaks to you. But I just couldn’t afford one :( urgh. Film photography, it just has a soul, digital just cant compare to it, if you know what I mean. Wish I could do something like this one day, but who knows, what the future holds, for even the wisest are unable to see it.

And i also took a walk along the bay and got some shots!

Snorri took me around his usual grocery shopping the next day and everything I saw/tried/eaten just blew me away! I even bought something - LAVA SALT. ZOMFGD right? Ahhhh! Im going berserk right now! Kill me now, how can I ever leave this amazing country. Some of the photos i got, while he was showing me around the viewpoints and his grocery shopping ;D
Love this cheese!

And yeah, we took a selfie HAHAHA!

He even brought me on a pub crawl and by the end of the night I was so smashed I couldn’t even deal. :/ epic night but, just that my body still aint used to the time shift, so as usual, I started falling asleep -.-. Sucks to be me I guess. Hate that im such a sleepy drunk ):

I REALLY LOVE ICELAND TO DEATH I MUST SAY. But yeah, its time to leave Reykjavik, to explore ICELAND! :D Here we go! See you guys in abit, im going off the grid for a week! Ciao~


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